Swimming In The Son Of A Swim

Swimming In The Son Of A Swim

Courtesy of Phil White, Lake Memphremagog, Vermont.

Race director Phil White reported 13 swimmers participated in the Son of a Swim as the open water swimming season in 67°F watr got underway in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont on July 1st.

13-year-old Vera Rivard led the pack, completing the 6-mile course in 2 hours 45 minutes 29 seconds. Her 10-year-old sister Margaret, even with a recently recovered broken arm, completed the 2-mile swim in 1 hour 5 minutes 12 seconds. 37-year-old Scott Machinist posted a 1 hour 49 minute 30 second in the 4-mile distance.

Upcoming events hosted by Kingdom Games and the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association include the Kingdom Swim on July 29th, the NEK Swim Week between August 12th and 20th, and In Search of Memphre on September 11th.

Kingdom Games and Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association will support individual swims across the length of Lake Memphremagog by Jaimie Monahan on July 10th and Charlotte Brynn on July 17th.

2-mile Swim Results
1. Margaret Rivard (10) 1:05:12 (escorted by Kevin Rivard)
2. John-Michael Partesotti (32) 1:32:34 (escorted by Ben Starobin)

4-mile Swim Results
1. Scott Machinist (37) 1:49:30 12 (escorted by Hayley Joseph)
2. Victor Yannessa (61) 2:18:20 (escorted by Jill Mathers)
3. Doreen Audette (44) 2:24:01 (escorted by David Audette)
4. Jody Stadler (52) 2:49:50 (escorted by Eliot Stadler)

6-mile Swim Results
1. Vera Rivard (13) 2:45:29 (escorted by Darcie Rivard)
2. Andrew Wallace (51) 3:13:10 (escorted by Mark Whitt)
3. Lauren Byron (41) 3:13:10 (escorted by Anita Gariepy)
4. Natalie Lang (40) 3:18:20 (escorted by Gordon Lang)
5. Theresa Peck (50) 3:45:52 (escorted by Ginny Peck)
6. Elizabeth Reardon (32) 3:49:41 (escorted by Marc Reardon)

10-mile Swim Results
1. Charlotte Brynn (51) 4:38:39 (escorted by Cynthia Needham)

Patrol boat pilots included Phil White, Kristian Pearson, Stan Chop, Jane Chop, Tim Tierney, and Mairen Tierney with onshore patrol Peter Channel and Geneve Channel.

For more information, contact Phil White of the Kingdom Games [www.kingdomgames.co].

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