Swimming In The Outback, Lake Argyle Swim 2020

Swimming In The Outback, Lake Argyle Swim 2020

Swimming In The Outback, Lake Argyle Swim 2020

Courtesy of Glenn Taylor, Lake Argyle, Western Australia.

For the 10th year running, the 2020 First National Kimberley Lake Argyle Swim has set another entry record with 350 swimmers and a total of 570 team members (swimmers, paddlers and skippers) taking part in the 10 km and 20 km races on May 2nd 2020.

Event director Glenn Taylor writes, “The Committee is very careful to only increase the field at a sustainable level to ensure all the great character and unique aspects of the Lake Argyle Swim are retained. We are always looking to grow the Swim sustainably and we are strong advocates for improved boat access on our amazing lake.

Situated 75 km from the town of Kununurra, Western Australia, Lake Argyle is 21 times greater in size than Sydney Harbour. Lake Argyle has been long recognized as one of the most spectacular places to visit in Australia. The Lake Argyle Swim provides experienced swimmers with an unsurpassed outback adventure

2019 10 km Top 10 Solo Race Results:
1 Aaron Ellis-Kerr 2:33:37
2 Kate Kalajzich 2:40:47
3 Theresa Donnelly 2:44:17
4 Rachelle Doyle 2:58:39
5 Peter Joyce 3:10:16
6 Ben Lucas 3:12:01
7 Bruce Wilson 3:12:58
8 Mark Phillips 3:13:07
9 Alana Crookes 3:13:44
10 Peter Nelson 3:17:55

2019 20 km Solo Race Results:
1 Jessica Evans 4:52:53
2 Henry Callander 5:03:08
3 Lisandra de Carvalho 5:14:27
4 Lisa McMillan 5:33:59
5 Kealey Cussen 5:49:46
6 Hope McCormack 6:08:52
7 Amy Kirke 6:14:49
8 Julie Boxsell 7:01:42
DNF Sabrina Bowyer
DNF Gregory Lecrevisse

For more information, visit www.lakeargyleswim.com.

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