Swimming In The Red

Swimming In The Red

Swimmers interested in swimming a long, long way in the Red River between the American northern states of North Dakota and Minnesota can now register in the annual Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test (or END-WET as it is known).

The 57.9 km river race is one of the longest marathon swims in North America. It is one of America’s Top 100 Open Water Swims and one of the World’s Top 100 River Swims.

Registration for the June 18th race is open at https://endracing.com/end-wet. To read the Extreme North Dakota Racing newsletter, visit here.

So far, Emily Stausbøll, Lauren Grous, Karen Zemlin, Sophia Cordero, Laura Parson, Daniel O’Kane, and Gene Kennedy have registered for the event.

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