Swimming Into Salvador - Cruising With The Crowds

Swimming Into Salvador – Cruising With The Crowds

The Travessia Mar Grande Salvador is 15 km of an ocean challenge where the athlete is alone with their thoughts, worries and dreams. But leaving the shore and arriving at the finish is something to relish for every finisher.

The rhythmic music and the Brazilian energy were so evident all over the place,” said American Lexie Kelly who visited Brazil for the 50th edition of the race. “I could hear the music from far away as we swam to shore. The music drifted over the ocean. When we finished, the ambiance was so festive and energetic.

It was like a club, so crowded, but outside in the open where people were smiling, laughing and dancing. It was a tough race with rough conditions, but once we reached shore, you could not help but smile and forget about the difficulties of the race while enjoying the Brazilian sunshine and hospitality

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