Swimming Is A Medley Of Strokes

Swimming Is A Medley Of Strokes

The colors of open water swimming ranges from sea greens and light baby blues in the tropics to deep royal blues in lakes and deep seas to murky browns in urban areas and copper-colored dams and reservoirs. But what if the different swimming strokes were defined as colors?

Freestyle could be defined as blue while butterfly would be red, backstroke yellow and breaststroke green.

Since open water swimmers use freestyle and the color of water is blue, it makes sense that freestyle would be blue. Blue can represent the human emotion of sadness (when swimming against the currents, tides or waves or in cold water), but it also represents happiness and optimism that clearly most swimmers feel on most days when they are swimming.

The more difficult stroke of butterfly could definitely be red, although purple could be an alternative. Whether it is swimming 100 meters in a pool or in the open water, red (i.e., butterfly) symbolizes courage, sacrifice, fear and dread. Yet when butterfly is done well, there is passion and, often, a reddish color to one’s shoulder.

Backstroke, a gentle stroke done backwards, evokes a bit of caution as does the color yellow. Breaststroke, a similarly mellow stroke, evokes newness, freshness and growth, something that reminds us of the first swimming style used by many, whether children or adults.

Along those lines, if swimming strokes were vegetables, breaststroke would either be cauliflower or broccoli, while backstroke would be squash, butterfly would be a yam or eggplant, and freestyle would be your standard potato, lettuce or carrot (your basic standard veggies).

On the other hand, if swimming strokes were fruits, breaststroke would definitely be a pear or avocado, while backstroke would be a banana, butterfly would either by a strawberry or star fruit and freestyle an apple.

Of course, if swimming were vehicles, breaststroke would be a Volkswagen bug or Mini Cooper, backstroke would be a station wagon, butterfly would be a Viper and freestyle would be a Mercedes Benz.

And if individual medley (IM) were a color, it would be tie-dye. If IM were a vegetable, it would be an artichoke. If IM were a fruit, it would be kiwi. If it were a car, it would be a Hummer.

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Steven Munatones