Swimming Is The S***s

Swimming Is The S***s

Swimmers occasionally use vulgar language in or near the water to describe something or someone more colorfully or passionately for themselves or others.  The word ‘shit’ is one example and it has many different meanings among English speakers.

Around 1508, the original meaning of the word ‘shit’ was a worthless, offensive, or detestable person per the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The etymology for the noun shit comes from Middle English shit from Old English scite that was akin to Old English scītan meaning to defecate.  The etymology for the verb shit comes from an alteration of earlier shite from Middle English shiten, from Old English scītan.

After years of listening to swimmers, coaches, pilots and crew members in and near the open water and pools, we have observed the following application of the word shit:

Oh shit – seeing a shark in the water or experiencing a jellyfish sting
Holy shit – seeing a shark or large jellyfish from the escort boat, or learning about a great performance, or seeing a large smack of jellyfish, or seeing an extremely attractive person
Bullshit – not agreeing with someone or something
Dog shit – something of poor quality
Ape shit – being incredibly upset or overly aggressive
Horse shit – something unfair or dishonest or improper
Chicken shit – a cowardly action or individual
Shit show – an avoidable, unpredicted or chaotic situation or conditions
Full of shit – not believable, false, lying
Load of shit – see full of shit
Pile of shit – an avoidable situation or inferior product
Shit happens – bad or worsening conditions
Jack shit – being unknowing or ignorant
Get your shit together – start working hard(er) or get prepared for a swim
Kick the shit out of – beat someone handily or hit someone hard during a race
Beat the shit out of – see kick the shit out of
Seeing shit – being extremely angry and upset
Complete shit – experiencing a thorough failure
Deep shit – really, really bad or dangerous conditions
Little shit – an unrespectable individual
Take this shit – experience something avoidable, terrible or unexpected 
Shitty – something bad, inferior, unfair
Cut the shit – stop something
Shit you not – do not lie or exaggerate
Give a shit – take care or attention, focus
Shit – exclamation of pain or surprise Shitty – something bad, inferior, unfair
Hot shit – someone or something excellent, attractive or desirable
The shit(s) – see hot shit or, alternatively, something bad or terrible, or diarrhea
Don’t shit me – try to deceive or lie

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Steven Munatones