Swimming Off Shark Point

Swimming Off Shark Point

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Brenton Williams (butterfly), Kendal Wright and Kyle Harris swam an unprecedented 8 km last week around the Cape St Francis Lighhouse and Shark Point on the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa.

In the 17ºC (62ºF) water, the trio took on the ocean turbulence for 3 hours 38 minutes.

The photo above shows the size of the swells they swam through.

Williams who raised funds and awareness for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust recalls, “Once we rounded Shark Point [under the guidance of pilot John Hendrick], we swam right into a strong current and the wind picked up and was cross shore instead of behind us.”

Once the swimmers reached Shark Point, the whole ambience of the swim changed,” said observer Cheryl Gibson-Dicks. “One could see how all the support crew became more alert and the swimmers started to dig deeper to take on the current and the wind that had turned against them. It was a phenomenal effort from the brave swimmers who never knew quite what to expect.”

The team consisted of butter flyer Brenton Williams, Kendal Wright, Kyle Harris, boatman John Hendrick, observer Cheryl Gibson-Dicks, paddlers Mark Paarman, Daryl Staples, and Terry Olivier, St Francis Bay NSRI, and the St Francis Bay Nautical Capital Festival and was in support of the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Report on the Cape St. Francis/Shark Point swim is here.

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