Swimming On Valentine's Day

Swimming On Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Jennifer Figge who has focused her stage swimmming career in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and in the Pacific Ocean.

She once visited her goddaugher’s kindergarten class in Aspen, Colorado. The 5-year-olds were studying the oceans and were captivated by the concept of Figge’s stage swim across the Atlantic.

She recalled the class discussions and activities among the children.

We colored sea turtles, ate gummie sharks and goldfish crackers, and talked about all my friends in the sea: whales, dolphins, rays, tuna, jellyfish, Portugese man o war, and sharks.

I also brought along our Shark Shield and explained how I plug it in at night [while she is resting on the boat for the next day’s stage swim] to recharge just like their battery-operated toys.

My favorite question was from a little girl who asked, ‘What will you do if you are out there and it is Valentine’s Day? How will you get your cards?’

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