Swimming Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Swimming Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Who said this and what was being referred to?

…is the most challenging facet of the sport. It is the greatest feeling in the world, being in the ocean when it is at its wildest states. You are removing yourself from your comfort level, into a place where you are no longer entirely in control of what’s happening around you. It’s from this place of vulnerability, that I feel like I can explore my greatest physical and mental capabilities. And, of course, it’s a heck of a lot of fun.”

Was it…

1. Stephen Redmond talking about swimming through jellyfish broods in the North Channel?
2. Darren Miller in the middle of rough seas in the Tsugaru Channel?
3. Forrest Nelson at night during 64.6 km circumnavigation swim of Catalina Island?
4. Penny Palfrey swimming over a Great White Shark in the Santa Barbara Channel?
5. Ned Denison going out for a winter swim in Cork off the coast of Ireland?
6. Paul Georgescu competing in a Zero Ice Mile in the Southern Ocean?
7. Sarah Thomas completing a Quadruple Crossing of the English Channel?
8. Jaimie Monahan completed a Quadruple Manhattan Swim in New York?
9. Nejib Belhedi swimming around Djerba Island in Tunisia [shown above]?
10. Neil Agius swimming from Sicily to Malta?
11. Greg Long talking about big-wave surfing?

The quote could possibly be stated by any of them, but it was Greg Long who was recently crowned the Big Wave World Champion who said it to the Orange County Register. With plenty of Billabong XXL Big Wave awards and stunt work in the Hollywood movie “Chasing Mavericks” to his credit, the 29-year-old surfer is readily acknowledged as one of the world’s most accomplished surfers.

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