Swimming Šabac Fastest, Duje Milan And Jelena Jecanski

Swimming Šabac Fastest, Duje Milan And Jelena Jecanski

Courtesy of Vojislav Mijić, Šabac International Swimming Marathon, Serbia.

The 46th Šabac International Swimming Marathon was held on August 2nd in Šabac, Serbia.

17 participants from 9 countries swam the distance of 19 km from the village of Jarak to the Old Town Beach near old fortress in the City of Sabac.

Duje Milan from Split, Croatia won the men’s competition and Jelena Ječanski from Bečej, Serbia won the women’s event.

Beside the Šabac Marathon, a 1.2 km open water swim from old railroad bridge to Old Town Beach in Šabac was held. This traditional event was organized by the Tourist Organization of the City of Šabac, and was sponsored by the two cities, Šabac and Sremska Mitrovica.

The Marathon is also called the Race for Peace in the honor and remembrance of the citizens of Šabac who were killed in 1941 during a forced march from Šabac to Jarak. The Jarak villagers unselfishly helped marchers with food and water through the barbed wire of the camp where marchers were enclosed.

For the entire duration of the race, there were 6 swimmers who swam shoulder-to-shoulder constantly taking turns in leading the race that was decided at very end and witnessed by over 7,000 spectators.

Results from 46th Šabac International Swimming Marathon:
1. Duje Milan (Croatia) 2:48:52:68
2. Tamas Novoszath (Hungary) 2:48:59:93
3. Karel Baloun (Czech Republic) 2:49:02:66
4. Tamas Farkas (Serbia) 2:50:02:18
5. Aleksandar Ilievski (Macedonia) 2:55:04:78
6. Mattia Ferru (Italy) 2:59:05:24
7. Bence Balzam (Serbia) 2:59:08:87
8. Jakub Tobias (Czech Republic) 2:59:12:01
9. Jelena Jecanski (Serbia) 3:03:00:62 – first woman
10. Laura Vas (Hungary) 3:04:28:59 – second woman
11. Nika Percic (Croatia) 3:07:16:12 – third woman
12. Veronica Milerska (Czech Republic) 3:07:38:75 – fourth woman
13. Jose Luis Larrosa (Spain) 3:08:50:55
14. Pedro Mello (Brazil) 3:24:42:40
15. Aleksandar Pancevski (Macedonia) 3:28:58:60
16. Mariana Mello (Brazil) 3:43:25:86 – fifth woman
17. Daniel Scott Curtis (USA) 4:32:30:05

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