Swim Cortez 2.0

Swim Cortez 2.0

Paul Lundgren will attempt to swim across Mexico”s 80-mile Sea of Cortez in November.

The Solo Cortez attempt may take up to 60 hours and will follow the Channel Swimming Association rules where no stinger suits or protective swimwear is permitted. The 49-year-old’s swim across Mexico’s Sea of Cortez will mark the first crossing of that sea following two failed relays and one solo attempt.

Due to the remote wilderness, preparation is significantly more complex than simply training, showing up and jumping in the water.

There are currents, weather, tides and especially marine life to factor into the plan, including these interesting creatures. Identified as the the world’s aquarium by Jacques Cousteau, the Sea of Cortez is home to carnivorous and potentially deadly Humboldt squid, debilitating and life-threatening jellyfish, and random migrating Great White sharks.

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