Swimming Siljan

Swimming Siljan

Dave Van Mouwerik has been swimming and paddling outrigger canoes all his adult life.

The 55-year-old California has crossed traditional channels (Catalina + Anacapa) as well as completed a number of California coastal swims. But he was looking for something different in 2013.

I had a good time over the last year identifying a Swedish lake, and then planning and carrying out a 20.3-mile swim across Lake Siljan in Sweden. The swim started out with a vision, inspired by a Led Zeppelin song back, and a desire to renew friendships with a Swedish family I had met back in 1977.

There were a lot of logistical challenges, I had the good fortune of having friends in Sweden who lived within 50 miles of the lake. They made the whole thing possible aided by Skype, email, Dropbox, and Google Earth

The planning, issues, and execution of his 11 hour 43 minute 32.7 km solo swim across Lake Siljan are comprehensively reported here.

. from Dave Van Mouwerik on Vimeo. Copyright © 2013 by Open Water Swimming
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