Swimming Straight Across Sado

Swimming Straight Across Sado

Team Ocean Navi Times Ten Across The Sado Channel

Courtesy of Masayuki Moriya, Ocean Navi, Sado Channel, Japan.

On October 21st, the Team Ocean Navi completed a 10-person prison island relay across the 42 km Sado Channel from Sado Island to the mainland in northern Japan in 15 hours 16 minutes 17 seconds. The Ocean Navi relay members included Chika Nishibori, Kumiko Koizumi, Minori Tanaka, Syuji Nao, Hiroko Ashikawa, Rie Tamai, Yuki Tsunoda, Tomoko Tamura, Syusei Uzawa and Kenji Kambe with observer Masayuki Moriya and crew member Honma Motoko.

For more information on Ocean Navi, visit www.ocean-navi.com.

Moriya reported on the most recent relay across one of the World’s Top 100 Island Swims, “The conditions were not so good, but not so strong. There were quite a few waves due to the head winds. They started just after midnight in 12°C air temperature that rose to 20°C in the afternoon, but the water temperature stayed steady at 20°C. Of the 10 swimmers, six of them experienced channel swimming for the first time.”

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