Swimming Strong Offshore With Big Shoulders

Swimming Strong Offshore With Big Shoulders

A slim waist…ripped muscles…a smiling face…
and Big Shoulders.
The epitome of the ideal aquatic athlete.
Blue skies…blue water…a soaring skyline…
and Big Shoulders.
The epitome of an open water swim.
Big Shoulders is one of the world’s top 100 open water swims,
Founded in 1990 by local Olympic champion Bill Mulliken,
Big Shoulders has grown into a great American adventure.

In Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan,
the City of Big Shoulders offers an unparalleled aquatic event,
for the young and old alike, for both the elite and newcomer.

Big Shoulders offers a 2.5 km swim and a 5 km race,
Around an easy-to-navigate course in September,
In an aquatic amphitheater in full view of the shoreline.
Big Shoulders accepts only the first 1000 competitors,
Where Olympians and world champions compete side-by-side,
Together with swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Big Shoulders is part lifestyle and part challenge,
Where conditions can range from cold to warm, from calm to rough.
A friendly, fun-filled annual charity event with unpredictable weather.
Expect the unexpected, where competition is against other swimmers as well as the elements.
Where shorelines no longer create natural boundaries,
For the fear of the open water has been transformed by Big Shoulders.

Lake Michigan fully embraces those who accept its challenge.
Test your physical prowess and psychological limits,
In an ambiance of fitness and fun, camaraderie and competition.
Accomplishment, a sense of adventure, and the thrill of racing,
Are what the world-renowned Big Shoulders brings to the shores of Chicago

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Steven Munatones