Swimming Sun Moon ... Ana Marcela Cunha Wins

Swimming Sun Moon … Ana Marcela Cunha Wins

Swimming Sun Moon … Ana Marcela Cunha Wins

Courtesy of Colin Hill, Sun Moon Lake, Nantou, Chinese Taipei.

It was only a matter of time before Sun Moon Lake hosted a professional marathon swim with world-class swimmer. In the middle of Chinese Taipei, armed with governmental support and operational expertise, the lake events have steadily grown in size, prestige and international awareness.

The FINA/CNSG Marathon Swim World Series 10 km race is now an important epicenter in the global open water swimming community.

And it is not surprising that Ana Marcela Cunha continued to win there. She won at the FINA/CNSG Marathon Swim World Series 10 km race in Nantou on September 7th.

Cunha said, “The last FINA World Series race in Macedonia I won, but I wasn’t happy because it was a slow race, but today it felt like it was a better race. At the start, the girls went off very strong and it felt like the same sort of pace as in the FINA World Championships.”

Second-place finisher Arianna Bridi of Italy said, “I tried to do a different race by starting very fast for the first two laps and then go in the pack for two laps to rest. I tried to do my best, but at the finish, Ana Marcela had better tactics.”

Third-place finisher Rachele Bruni of Italy said, “I’m very happy for the finish position, as it was very close. The race was very beautiful and I was pleased with third place.”

Official Results:
1. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) 2:02:37.60
2. Arianna Bridi (Italy) 2:02:40.00
3. Rachele Bruni (Italy) 2:02:40.20
4. Kareena Lee (Australia) 2:02:40.30
5. Jeannette Spiworks (Germany) 2:02:47.00
6. Caroline Laure Jouisse (France) 2:08:00.10
7. Tsz Yin Nip (Hong Kong) 2:09:57.30
8. Mackenzie Brazier (Australia) 2:10:00.40
9. Li-Shan Chantal Liew (Singapore) 2:16:00.10
10. Hsin-Yi Fang (Chinese Taipei) 2:16:05.60
11. Yi-Chen Wang (Chinese Taipei) 2:16:48.30
12. Yi Chen Hsieh (Chinese Taipei) 2:18:23.60
13. Rui An Kuo (Chinese Taipei) 2:18:33.90
14. Pac Tung Nikita Lam (Hong Kong) 2:19:03.90
15. Szu-An Chen (Chinese Taipei) 2:19:57.10
16. Ka Ching Leung (Hong Kong) 2:20:54.80
17. Jie Chuan Tseng (Chinese Taipei) 2:23:48.30
18. Ting Yu Chan (Chinese Taipei) 2:23:50.70
19. Hannah Hang Fung Li (Hong Kong) 2:26:27.10
DNF Xuan Xuan Regine Goh (Singapore)
DNF Bao Lin Huang (Chinese Taipei)
DNF Cheuk Ue Natalie Lam (Hong Kong)

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