Swimming Through Morning, Afternoon And Night

Swimming Through Morning, Afternoon And Night

Courtesy of Ben Barham, Lake Geneva Swimming Association, Switzerland.

While many thousands of people throughout history have walked, run, jogged, hiked, biked and journeyed for 24 hours straight on land, there has only been a few more than 100 people – ever – who have completed a non-stop swim in an open body of water for a minimum of 24 hours.

With Jaimie Monahan now in her 29th hour in her 69 km attempt across Lake Geneva, it looks like she may join the 24-hour Club soon.

The Lake Geneva Swimming Association is observing and tracking Monahan’s solo swim here. The versatile swimmer has completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming as well as participated in numerous ice swimming events throughout her prolific career (see her).

The result of her crossing is here.

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