Swimming To Benefit The Trapped Miners In Chile

Swimming To Benefit The Trapped Miners In Chile

Pedro Ordenes is reaching out to his fellow Chilean citizens and to the open water swimming community as best he knows. Like many around the world, Pedro is hoping everything turns out well for the 33 miners trapped deep below Chile in a mine since August 5th – with the expectation that they will remain trapped for at least four months total before help arises.

In honor of the incredibly brave 33 men buried below the Earth’s surface, waiting bravely for help, Pedro is organizing a 1.5K swim to Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay on September 12th.

His group of 33 swimmers will complete the charity swim wearing a shirt with the name of one of the miners to complete. All of the funds raised both during and after the event will go directly to the miners’ families.

Pedro has a way of touching people and touching hearts. Every week in San Francisco Bay, Peter and members of Water World Swim helps individuals make the transition from the pool (or land-based activities) to the open water. “The open water swimming community is very special because we have people training for the English Channel, an 85-year-old from China, a teenager from India; we’re happy to help people reach their dreams and it’s fantastic to see the final result.”

We want to bring the spirit of the miners to the swimmers and also share the swim with the miners. In open water swimming you are sometimes very alone facing the dangers, so this swim will help support the miners as they confront their own dangers.”

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