Swimming Upstream After Hurricane Sandy

Skip Storch, an International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honour Swimmer, has his hands full of water right now…and he needs help in the post-Hurricane Sandy aftermath.

The man who swam a 32 hour 52 minute triple circumnavigation of Manhattan Island in 2008 has been managing difficulties all his life. And he is now reaching out to help others.

I don’t have Internet access or telephone lines at my home; the authorities say it will be at least 10 more days,” said Storch. “In the meantime, I have been spearheading and mobilizing volunteers to deliver receive and dispense food, clothing and water to 178,000 people in New York without electricity. Gas is short and tempers are high.

I already had donated 2,000 new jackets, pants and the like. Yesterday was the food. The mental survival skills I learned in the water are keeping me strong out of the water during this enormous humanitarian marathon event.

We need hats and gloves as the weather is getting colder. We just finished delivering the cases of hats and gloves that we collected at the New York Giants (NFL football) Stadium to the victims of Hurricane Sandy in Piermont. We will see what tomorrow brings. Six days of this and we’re tired. Please contact me via email if you want to help.”

To contact Storch to volunteer or to provide hats or gloves, send emails to skip@shu-fly.com.

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Steven Munatones