Swimming With And Against The Waves

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Courtesy of Kelly Slater Wave Company.

Kelly Slater and his team Kelly Slater Wave Company have built a beautifully shaped and impossibly long man-made wave.

Through science and innovative technology and the sheer grit of everyone who put their heart and soul into this, we have been successful in producing a world-class, high performance wave. We are super proud of the team and very excited about the possibilities this technology might unlock. It’s only the beginning and we look forward to sharing more information about our activities and plans with all of you in the near future,” so states Kelly Slater Wave Company.

After looking at the video above showing the perfect waves with 11-time world surfing championship Slater, we can only imagine what great training is possible if the venue was also open to open water swimmers in the hours that surfers are not using it to carve up the waves.

Imagine doing laps in the venue: going one way body surfing with the waves and then swimming back in the opposite direction against the waves. Back and forth, up and down, one direction and then the opposite.

It would be downright exhilarating and exhausting, eliciting fun and fatigue. We can imagine that surfers from all around the world will come to enjoy the artificial waves. But we also know that hard-core open water swimmers and even newbies would love to train in such a pool – in the non-surfing hours.

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