Swimming WIth Seals, Afraid Of Apex

Swimming WIth Seals, Afraid Of Apex

During the third night of the Night Train Swimmers 228-mile southward journey along the California coast, the team passed within 2 miles of the town of Avalon on Catalina Island.

Like Cindy Cleveland and Forest Nelson, the only humans to ever circumnavigate the island, the team had to opportunity to swim along Catalina Island as opposed to swimming to and from Catalina like all the other channel swimmers before them.

We are making great time with Phil Cutti in the water. But Blair Cannon had a seal [a favorite meal of apex predators in the area] play and bump him for 20 minutes; he was not happy about that. But all is good otherwise with the conditions perfect and the Coast Guard in Los Angeles super friendly,” reported Captain Vito Bialla.

The Night Train Swimmers relay can be tracked here.

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Steven Munatones