Swimming With Strel

Swimming With Strel

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Borut Strel is about as multi-talented as an open water swimmer can be.

Not only did the son of Martin Strel serve as the expedition leader for his father’s unprecedented stage swims in the major rivers of the world where he had to compile, operate, manage and repair communications gear and all kinds of equipment in inhospitable areas where electricity was never a given, but he also serves as a guide, lifeguard and escort for the Strel Swimming Adventure Holidays.

But the computer science engineer also knows how to manage projects, repair equipment, and maintain communications both while on the water and in places far away from metropolitan areas.

Follow Strel on Twitter @borutstrel.

Photos above from Turkey, Croatia and Lake Powell during the Strel Swimming Adventure Holidays organized by Borut Strel.

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