Swimming With The SUN

Swimming With The SUN

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Channel swimmers do it. Marathon swimmers do it. Professional swimmers do it. Coaches do it all the time

And so do evidently thousands of adult swimmers do it: Logging their miles swum during training in the pool and open water.

But there are a select group of men and women over the age of 80 years who are still doing it. In the motto of the SUN Masters, these octagenarians and nonagenarians just keep on going and going, enjoying a healthful lifestyle in a sport where their inherent buoyancy in the water helps them exercise like they could never do on land.

The SUN Masters is a group of masters swimmers in Florida whose acronym stands for Swimming Until Nonagenarianism. Under head coach Joe Biondi and president Christine Kelly, members include Nancy Durstein, Marianne Bradley, Don Puchalski, Joan Campbell [shown above], Florence Delaney, Patricia Cohen Crow, Charles Alfrey, Charlie Anstadt, Melissa Anstadt, Ellen Bowen, Frank Brandt, Maria Buda O’Toole, Gladis Choueifati, John Cornish, Robert Ditro, Nicole Dufala, Cheryl Forgang, Patricia Frantz, Andrew Gottesman, Steven Hunt, Allen Jones, Bryan Kutchins, Gary Laursen, Donald Loucks, Bruce Mann, John Marzulli, Michael McCarthy, John Miller, Louise Moran, Dan Mullett, Jerry Napp, Paul Polgar, Roz Randall, Elliott Schofield, Mindy Solomon, Elspeth Smith, Lora Spratt, Kenneth Sullivan, Tony Thomas, Peter Williams, Cheryl Woelfle, and Kristin Zadronzny.

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