Swimming with the Spirit Orcas

Swimming with the Spirit Orcas

Susan Simmons created a short video of the 21 km marathon swim that Aly White (nickname Flipper) and Drew Sabourin (Drewsie) of the Spirit Orcas completed on May 30th in Thetis Lake, outside Victoria, British Columbia in Canada.

She said, “The swim was a fundraiser for a local charity – CFAX Santas Anonymous. Last year, they each swam 10 km. They upped their game this year. We did 21 dips in 21 days ending with a final 21 km dip. The water was 15- 16°C. So great Drew made it without becoming hypothermic – 8 and a half hours.

CFAX Santas Anonymous Society is one of Greater Victoria’s longest running children’s charities, working diligently to serve families with children in need. For more information, visit here.

Community Living BC funds this program, bringing those with and without intellectual disabilities together in the same waterways.

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