Swimming Within Their Comfort Zone In The Farallons

Swimming Within Their Comfort Zone In The Farallons

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

John Gunn, Joel Richards, Ali Wilde, and Edward Morgan are heading out of their geographic zone and entering a more familiar comfort zone.

What is their comfort zone?

A physiological and psychological state where they fight to overcome discomfort, elements of risk, bone-penetrating cold and marine life.

The quarter will attempt the Great British Farallon Swim, the first non-American relay attempt between the Farallon Islands and the Golden Gate Bridge at the mouth of the San Francisco Bay in northern California.

The 30-mile, 4-man relay is sanctioned by the Farallon Islands Swimming Federation and will be piloted by Vito Bialla within their planned window of May 7th-9th 2015.

The members include experienced adventurers and endurance junkies: Wilde, a cold water British specialist, Gunn is a British cold water marathon swimmer, Richards, an accomplished British endurance athlete, and Morgan, a British open water swimmer and a swimming instructor. They are raising money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a UK-based charity, set up to save lives at sea by providing 24-hour lifeboat support and rescue throughout the UK.

For more information on the swim, visit here.

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