Swimmingly Suited For The Open Water

Swimmingly Suited For The Open Water

USA Swimming issued a notification on the swimsuits allowable in open water swimming competitions, including the upcoming USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships in Long Beach, California.

FINA updated its list of swimsuits approved for competition that included swimsuits approved for open water competition. The full list of approved suits can be found on the FINA website and USA Swimming websites. Approved swimsuits specific to open water are below:

TYR, Tracer Light OW, pants, men
TYR, Tracer Light OW, full-body, women
Mizuno, WATER GENE / OW RC, pants, men
Mizuno, WATER GENE / OW OB, full-body, women
Mizuno, ACCEL SUITS / OW, RC, pants, men
Mizuno, ACCEL SUITS / OW, OB, full-body, women
Descente, NUX-W ARN-OPW01W, full-body, women
Descente, NUX-W ARN-OPW02W, full-body, women
Descente, NUX-W ARN-OPW03M, full-body, men
Descente, NUX-W ARN-OPW04M, pants, men

The FINA-approve open water swimsuits are also approved by USA Swimming for its open water competitions including the 2010 National Open Water Swimming Championships and National Team Trials. Swimsuits approved for open water competition only will have the words ‘OWS only’ on the FINA label.

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