Swimmit Offers New Android Version

Swimmit Offers New Android Version

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Iván Peralta knows that many swimmers have many of the same questions and comments:

*I don’t know who to swim with
*I don’t know where to enjoy open water swimming
*Does anyone else swim alone?
*Where can I find an open water swimming coach or a swimming pod?

His Swimmit is an app that enables meet-ups, creates routes, connects with swimmers, and offers a training log on mobile devices. “Swimmit helps you to meet the challenges we face as open water swimmers,” describes Peralta.

We have a new Android version of Swimmit. With the Swimmit app, swimmers can discover the swimming routes near them, make friends with other swimmers, create personalized tracks with the track editor, and register their training sets, and analyze their performance trends.

Swimmit allows you to share your passion for swimming with friends. It seeks to help swimmers organize open water meet-ups, to connect with other swimmers nearby, and to find the best places and routes nearby to be explored. Because, as swimmers, it’s not only about achieving faster swimming times, but also about striving to broaden our horizons and to push our limits even further

The Swimmit app resolves one of the main issues swimmers face: who will join you for a swim? The app can also help swimmers find open water swimming buddies, but also to train and to find the best training club to join.

The app also allows swimmers to create swimming routes and to pinpoint their favorite spots, all of which can be shared with the rest of the community. Swimmit currently has 400 routes worldwide that include recognized routes (e.g., Oceans Seven and the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming) as well as international competitions and the best public and private swimming routes. Our goal is to build the network of the best swimming routes worldwide with the help of users’ contribution.”

Swimmit can also be used by clubs, coaches, and event organizers. With Swimmit, trainers can also be able to make their services available to swimmers and to create events that might prove of interest to them, such as meet-ups, competitions, training camps, masters swimming classes, and open water sessions.

Contact info@swimmit.com for more information, questions or comments.

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