SwimOut Kicks Off with Sarah Thomas and Freda Streeter

SwimOut Kicks Off with Sarah Thomas and Freda Streeter

14 hours 40 minutes…who would have guessed that SwimOut podcasters and training partners Hunter Charlton and Vicki Carter would have finished their English Channel crossings on different days with the exact same time?

No one could have – but they did, the exact same time: Charlton with pilot Jason Parrott on August 4th 2019 and Carter with pilot Eddie Spelling on July 16th.

After that separate – but common – training and channel swimming experience under their swim caps, the duo started a fascinating podcast that soon became nominated for the British Podcast Awards.

SwimOut was kicked off by interviews with two of the most celebrated English Channel legends in history: Sarah Thomas and Freda Streeter MBE. A description of the first four podcasts is below.

SwimOut Episode 1 – The English Channel

Charlton interviews Sarah Thomas about her historic 4-way Channel quad crossing in 2019 and Carter talks to Freda Streeter MBE, a fellow International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee, here.

Episode 2 – Stepping Back into the Water

After the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the duo talk with 2008 Olympic marathon swimming medalist and world champion Keri-anne Payne, adventure swimmer, journalist, filmmaker, and Ambassador for the Outdoor Swimming Society Calum Maclean, and Swim for Tri founder Dan Bullock, about getting back to in the water here.

Episode 3 – The Limits of Obsession

Charlton and Carter talk with the indomitable marathon swimmer Kevin Murphy, Frank Chalmers who swam across the treacherous Pentland Firth, and hypothermia expert Dr. Nick Murch here.

Episode 4 – The Lifesavers

The podcast is joined by Omie Dale, bathing and cultural historian George Townsend and a number of other open water swimming luminaries in the lifesaving and disability community from around the UK here.

For more information and episodes, visit swimout.net.

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