SwimTrek Up For British Travel Award

SwimTrek Up For British Travel Award

SwimTrek Up For British Travel Award

Courtesy of WOWSA, Malta, central Mediterranean Sea.

SwimTrek is nominated in the 2019 British Travel Awards.

It is no wonder. SwimTrek was started by a swimmer and is entirely centered around the needs and desires of open water swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Its success has led to a new ecosystem of swimming vacation and training companies around the world.

In 2000, SwimTrek’s founder Simon Murie planned a solo swim across the Hellespont for his 30th birthday. His experience led him to start SwimTrek that has since blossomed and spawned many other swimcation companies.

What could take a solo swimmer weeks or months to explore, plan and execute in gorgeous beaches around the world, Simon and his colleagues at SwimTrek have already explored well in advance, planned out in detail, and worked out all the kinks,” commented Steven Munatones. “So when swimmers show up, they are able to swim and experience a new location and coastline courses in the most enjoyable manner.”

Scenes from the SwimTrek Malta Escape are shown above.

To vote for SwimTrek in the British Travel Awards, visit here.

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