Sylvio Fernando Salles Overcomes Obstacles

Sylvio Fernando Salles Overcomes Obstacles

Courtesy of Renato Ribeiro, Big Island Swimming Association, Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photos courtesy of Daniel Righetti.

Renato Ribeiro of the Big Island Swimming Association in Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil reported that Sylvio Fernando Salles of Caraguatatuba Parish of Santana – Pousa completed a solo 16 km on March 22nd. “It was a beautiful day, a gift from heaven for this guy who has a history of overcoming obstacle, serving as an example for others.

The start was early in the morning. On his escort boat were his wife and daughter watching him swim stroke by stroke. Initially, worried, he became stronger, more excited and more emotional with every stroke over his 5 hour 37 minute crossing.

Salles explained his success, “I started swimming at the age of 5 at Ibirapuera in São Paulo. I participated in several events in the São Paulo Championships. Then, from 20 to 25 years old, I competed in several triathlons and was always involved with water sports such as surfing and diving, and Circuito Mares, Aquaman and other open water swims. When I lived in Portugal, I also participated in several events on the Portuguese circuit of one-mile swims.

In a very serious domestic accident where I almost lost my life in March 2019, I suffered multiple fractures and a severe trauma to my knee. I started swimming again which is the sport which I love so much from a physiotherapeutic perspective. Swimming has helped me and is helping a lot in my recovery. My first marathon swim was BISA’s 16 km event from Parish of Santana to Pouso.”

Congratulated by his family

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