The Synergy Of Sister Swims

The Synergy Of Sister Swims

More and more swims are establishing a sister swim (or twin swim) relationship.

Sister swims are two independently organized open water swimming events that have a formalized mutually beneficial cooperative relationship. Sister swims are different from swims that are part of an established domestic or international series or circuit. Each swim promotes the other via co-marketing or sharing of logos, website links, brochures or Facebook pages.

There is also occasionally a cross-sharing of information where finish times are added together for competitive purposes or email addresses of the participants are used to promote both swims. Exposure can also be increased to the greater benefit of sponsors or charities of each race so instead of only marketing to one race, sponsors, charities and causes can be marketed to two different groups of people in different areas.

Additionally, some sister swims select certain swimmers, either randomly-drawn or the overall winners, who are given the opportunity to participate in the other swim through a free trip or free airline tickets.

Often, the swims are located in separate countries and even separate continents as the global open water swimming world becomes more interconnected and intertwined. As the brotherhood among race directors becomes closer, the relationships between sister swims becomes more numerous.

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Steven Munatones