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Lewis Pugh At The Woodstock Of The Mind

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. President Clinton once described the Hay Festival in Wales as 'the Woodstock of the Mind.' With speakers such as Bear Grylls, Cherie Blair, Hugh Masekela, Dame Judy Dench, Sol Cambell, and Stephen Fry, open water swimmer Lewis Pugh will be among many well-spoken and well-respected peers. Pugh will be

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21 Yaks, 21 Chapters Of Life’s Lessons

In one of the most challenging and difficult open water swims in history based on its arduous physical requirements, its audacious logical requirements and its very real potential for serious danger to both swimmer and crew, explorer and environmentalist Lewis Pugh hiked up Mount Everest to 5,200 meters (17,060 feet) and completed a 1 km non-wetsuit swim in

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Yaks And Vasbyt

When a book’s first page before the Table of Contents states, “In accordance with the Official Secrets Act, the names of the soldiers of the British SAS, and the places in which they served, have been changed to protect their identity," we know we are going to immensely enjoy the read. But with such an introduction, the books are almost always

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