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A Small Gesture By A Long Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Salvatore Cimmino understands the importance of a small, but grand, gesture especially for those who are disabled and often forgotten. On May 10th, Cimmino will attempt a 60 km solo swim from Monvu in Bukavu across the Lake Kivu, one of the African Great Lakes, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. "My goal

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Why I Swim

Salvatore Cimmmino writes eloquently why he swims and how it enables to visualize his potential here (in English) and here (in Italian). He writes, "Disability today, compared to the past, is no longer a limit, it doesn’t preclude your chance to dream, to have a job, a house, a family and to travel. [Read more...] Copyright © 2012 by Open Water Source

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