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A Remarkable Letter To Mr Jennings

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Michael Jennings, Esq. received a remarkable letter of encouragement and support from David Ryan, Director of Private Secretary’s Office in the Buckingham Palace. Dear Mr. Jennings, I have been asked to thank you for your kind letter about the Alcatraz Invitational 650 which is taking place in September

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25 Years Later, 15 Seconds Short

25 Years Later, 15 Seconds Short Courtesy of WOWSA, Alcatraz Island, California. English Channel record holder Trent Grimsey just missed breaking the existing record for the fastest swim from San Francisco around Alcatraz Island and back. Kim Peinado Howard of the South End Rowing Club, explains, "Trent attempted to break the round-trip Alcatraz swim

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El Sharko Takes The Bait

If there is anyone who has taken the sport of open water swimming hook, line and sinker, it is El Sharko, otherwise known as Christopher Blakeslee. The stalwart of the San Francisco Bay community and South End Rowing Club is one the oldest swimmers of the English Channel. He joined the Half Century Club on his England to France crossing at the age of

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