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Open Water Swimming 365 Days Of 2020

Open Water Swimming 365 Days Of 2020 Courtesy of Zina Deretsky, Aquatic Park, San Francisco Bay, California. Zina Deretsky, CMI has been swimming in Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay over the last decade. On dryland, Deretsky is a talented board certified medical illustrator and a science & technology illustrator with a passion for the open water that

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An Alcatraz Island Celebration 1000 Times

20 years yesterday Gary Emich (shown on left) did his first Alcatraz Island. And he has been doing an average of one Alcatraz Island swim a week for 20 years, in conditions that have ranged from tranquil to treacherous with only 2 weeks off for vacation per year. Emich will join Steven Hurwitz of the South End Rowing Club in a special celebration. The duo

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