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The Streets Of San Francisco

The Streets Of San Francisco Courtesy of Space Race Studio, San Francisco Bay, California. The spread and countermeasures for COVID-19 have literally emptied the streets, pools of San Francisco. But according to locals can appreciate that at least Aquatic Park remains open to bay swimming in San Francisco Bay. Copyright © 2008 – 2020 by World Open Water

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Cold Water, Warm Drinks

Cold Water, Warm Drinks Courtesy of Zina Deretsky, San Francisco Bay, California. A warm fluffy towel, a nice long warm shower, relaxing sauna, a hot mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, a delicious meal. These are some of the rewards that are cherished after cold water swims. Zina Deretsky of Zina Studio knows those rewards well after a decade of cold

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Will Records Fall Around The Rock?

Will Records Fall Around The Rock? Courtesy of Water World Swim, San Francisco Bay, California. Oliver Kusch and Aubrie Smallwood hold the course records for the 3.6-mile Swim Around The Rock.  Kusch set the men's record in 1:10:09 in 2011 while Smallwood set the women's record in 1:24:25 in 2014 in the course that starts at St. Francis, heads around

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