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Nothing Great Is Easy Across The Ocean

Courtesy of Ben Hooper, Swim The Big Blue. Only a very infinitesimal number of open water swimmers hope to do, plan and execute transoceanic swims. Each of these swims takes in extraordinarily large amount of funds, supporters, logistics and operational planning. Most of them require years of planning and fund-raising. As a result, many transoceanic

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Attacking Life For All It’s Worth

Courtesy of Ben Hooper who will attempt to complete the 1,731-mile (2,786 km) Swim the Big Blue across the Atlantic Ocean from Dakar Harbour in Senegal to Natal in northeast Brazil. The youngster, then aged five, was dragged out and resuscitated on the side of the pool by lifeguards while stunned teachers looked on. Despite having turned blue and not

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How Tough Are You?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. When we observe open water swimmers around the world, certain nationalities always impress us. The South Africans are freakily tough. The Irish are notoriously hard-core. The Australians are mind-boggling adventurous. There are also certain areas where the tough are an especially hardened group:

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