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Swimming From Alcatraz With No Legs

By Attila Mányoki Tomi Rocky of Hungary lost both legs in an accident at work. The accident completely changed his life. The long and difficult road forced him to rethink his life and start over. In his new life, he found happiness in swimming. Even though he could only swim breaststroke, after his first open water session, he knew open water was his

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Attila Mányoki on the Oceans Seven: How I Cheated Death and Broke the Hardest Record in Swimming

"What a great book to read on the shores of Southern California with Catalina Island visible in the horizon," said Steven Munatones. "Attila Mányoki's new book is 199 pages of inspiration." It can be purchased here on Amazon. Attila explains the content of his book, Oceans Seven: How I Cheated Death And Broke The Hardest Record In Swimming. "I take you

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Rachel Lee Is Doubly Busy, Doubly Fast

Rachel Lee Is Doubly Busy, Doubly Fast Photo courtesy of WOWSA, Northern Ireland. Rachel Lee is busy - and fast. The 39-year-old Irish open water swimmer serves as a Swift Water Rescue Technician with the Dublin City Firefighters. She is also a mother of twin boys (Lex and Bruce shown on left) and manages a training club called Ocean Breakers where she

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