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Soni To Swim Under Sun In Sur

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Olympic champion and world record holder Rebecca Soni loves the beach...and the open water. She has switched from her trademark breaststroke to distance swimming: 14.4 km or 9 miles to be exact. Next week, she will compete with hundreds of others at the Los Cabos Open Water Challenge in Baja California,

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Cold Concludes Cortez

Last night, @SwimCortez reported on Paul Lundgren's 80-mile attempt to become the first person to cross the Sea of Cortez from the mainland of Mexico to Baja California: "Heavy hearts: Paul's swim over due to hypothermia. (estimated) 31 miles in 20+ hours, Paul pulled himself for safety reasons. More to come." Last year on his first attempt, Lundgren swam

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