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Legion Of Ocean Heroes Does Wonders

Courtesy of Bruckner Chase, Legion of Ocean Heroes, Beesley's Point, New Jersey. Legion of Ocean Heroes held at Beesley's Point in New Jersey brings together athletes with spinal cord injuries, open water swimmers, youth, service dogs and volunteers with a passion for helping those who cannot otherwise move freely on dryland to enjoy the movement in the

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Gosh Josh, Raising Up To The Challenge

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. At the 2015 inaugural Surf Lifesaving Sports Festival in Beesley’s Point Sea Doo, Beesley’s Point in New Jersey, Josh Shadel was a star. "People are still talking about the experience. Josh, one of our spinal athletes, did the 250-meter open water swim completely unassisted backstroke," reported event

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