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Is There A Doctor On Board?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. When Benoît Lecomte walks into the Pacific Ocean to begin his 5,500-mile (8,851 km) transoceanic swim, he is going to have a medical, scientific and research team like no other in the history of the sport of open water swimming. It will be an unprecedented team of scientific luminaries. Similar to Lynne

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It Is Not A Transponder, It Is A RadBand

Photo of the Rad Band photo courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Triathletes and open water swimmers often wear transponders and all types of timing devices on their wrists and ankles during competitions. But no athlete in open water swimming history will wear an ankle device for as long as adventurer Benoît Lecomte will. The transoceanic

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Time To Swim Across The Pacific

Courtesy of Benoît Lecomte for The Longest Swim from Tokyo to San Francisco. Dr Benjamin Levine, Director of the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine, says, "We are very interested in really studying the outer edges of human performance. Ben's swim across the Pacific [Ocean] certainly counts as that." For more information, visit The Longest

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