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Meeting Of The Sun Unfolds

Open Water Source was privy to one of the most fascinating and beautiful open water swimming brochures ever created. Sergey Novikov, Founder and President of the Russian American Community Association and President of Meeting of the Sun North America, will soon launch a website and distribute a brochure with powerful imagery and inspirational information of

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What is Cold In The Open Water?

Some open water swimmers diss neoprene-clad triathletes who regularly cloak themselves in black. But the ability to withstand cold water is always relative. While some swimmers from perennial warm-water areas have problems acclimating to the English Channel, there are others like Lynne Cox who can sit in a 50°F (10°C) cold tank for 2 hours and have her

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Breaking News From The Bering Strait

Jack Bright reports from above the Arctic Circle, "For the last two weeks I have been in Petropavlovsk Kamchatski in Russia. I am participating in what will be a historic swim across the Bering Strait from Cape Dezhnev, Chukotka, Russia, to Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska USA (via Big and Little Diomede Islands). The water temperature is estimated to be between

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