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Nicknames of Open Water Swimmers

Nicknames of Open Water Swimmers Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. There are a number of colorful champions, powerful personalities and charismatic characters in the open water swimming world with great nicknames. Nicknames of Open Water Swimmers: Ady: Adrian Sarchet (Guernsey) Aeolian Shark: Giovanni Brancato (Italy) America's Best Girl:

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Big River Man Tackles Big River

Big River Man Martin Strel will swim in Hudson today in an anniversary. "It has been 10 years since he swam down the entire length of the Mississippi River," said his son Borut Strel. Tonight at 7:30 pm, his documentary Big River Man will have a special benefit screening with 100% of box office, plus a 50% match from IFC Center, going to director John

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The Big River Man Comes To WOWSA Live

The Big River Man Comes To WOWSA Live Courtesy of WOWSA Live, Huntington Beach, California. Martin Strel is, in a word, unique. He is also driven, introspective, engaging and demanding. Demanding on himself and demanding on his team that he hand-picks to keep him safe during his big river swims. The Slovenian marathon swimmer has swum the entire

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