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Apex Predators Of The Everglades

Photo of crocodile courtesy of open water swimmer Bob Luce in Florida. The Miami Herald reported that two people were bitten by a 8-9 foot crocodile in Coral Gables, Florida while swimming in a neighborhood canal during a party around 2 am on Sunday. Jorge Pino, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation spokesman, reported that Alejandro Jimenez and Lisset

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Racing Strips Of Yesteryear

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Bob Justman, Judy Collins, and Bob Luce completed one of the early Maui Channel crossings when fewer than 10 people had completed the 9.6-mile crossing between the islands of Lanai and Maui in Hawaii. "I still have the album of photos from the swim that began at 7 am and ended at 1:30 am," recalls Justman,

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