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Pearls Of Wisdom From Julian Critchlow

Pearls Of Wisdom From Julian Critchlow Courtesy of Julian Critchlow, English Channel. "Julian is genius. He breaks down the discipline of channel swimming in innumerable interesting ways. One of my all-time favorite commentators, observer of the obvious and non-obvious, pundit, deep-thinking analyst, and number cruncher in the open water swimming world

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Frequent Flyers Finish Freestyle

Courtesy of Ben Barham, Lake Geneva Swimming Association, Switzerland. Frequent Flyers, a 6-person relay, completed a 69 km butterfly attempt across Lake Geneva from Chateau de Chillon to Geneva in Switzerland. The sextet of Mark Johansen, Kevin Blick, Sam Mould, Robert Fisher, Rob Ouldcott, and Boris Mavra finished in 33 hours 34 minutes on July 14th.

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Giving Back At The Highest Levels

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The tradition lives. As Stewart Evans volunteered for Ted Erikson's swim from the Farallon Islands in 1967, Ned Denison has encouraged contemporary marathon swimmers to volunteer in greater numbers for everything in the open water swimming community ranging from local events to solo crossings. With plenty

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