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High Fives All Around For DRIVEN

Julian Rusinek, a channel swimmer from California, talks about the documentary film DRIVEN: "DRIVEN penetrated directly into my strongest childhood memories. I wasn't watching a movie about swimming, I was being told a story. Rarely do we see a movie that is larger than the screen itself. DRIVEN by far was one of those movies that I became absorbed in its

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Dreamers Are Driven

Dreamers Are Driven Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. “It is there, you see it in front of you. And you go, ‘God I can do it’ and that is what drives these people. They dream..." says Steven Munatones. “To me, it is one of the ultimate challenges on the Planet Earth that a human can do. I mean you push yourself to the limit," says David

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Without wetsuits, in the dead of night, three swimmers braved the cold open-ocean to realize a dream...this is how filmmaker Ben Pitterle of Element 8 Productions opens DRIVEN. DRIVEN documents the experiences of three individuals as they attempted marathon swims across the Santa Barbara Channel. "Marathon swimming may not sound particularly glamorous.

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