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When Are Stinger Suits Used?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. While stinger suits are used by only a very small handful of open water swimmers around the world during swims where the danger of box jellyfish and other venomous marine life exist, the issue has attracted the attention and interest of the marathon swimming world (see here). Because so few swimmers use

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WOWSA Performance of the Year Nominee Bridging The Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands) – A Courageously Captivating Channel Challenge

Penny Palfrey wanted to do something outrageously difficult.

Something unprecedented and unheard of.

Something that captured her imagination and pushed her to the very outer reaches of her potential.

She selected a stretch of water 14,615 kilometers from her home in Queensland, Australia – the outrageously beautiful

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Sad and yet inspirational to watch…

Penny Palfrey knows what she is doing, and still giving us instructions and directions. So mentally she is aware. Yet her tongue, lips and lats are really hurting. Almost finished with this incredible 68-mile swim, Penny has only 5.5 miles to go. She doesn't want to get out and we are watching her like a hawk. But she will run into an opposing current

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