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Asian Tattoos Of Swimmers

Asian Tattoos Of Swimmers Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Around the beaches from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, from the shorelines of California to Copacabana, in pools from Melbourne to Montreal, many swimmers pride themselves on a variety of tattoos on their bodies. Many swimmers have marine themes to their tattoos.

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Kids4Coral Helps The Next Generation

Based out of Tennessee, the Caribbean SEA (Student Environmental Alliance) works throughout the Caribbean island nations in an effort to empower local youth to take care of their marine environment through camps and education programs like Kids4Coral in St. Lucia. The Kids4Coral program teaches children in St. Lucia to swim and snorkel and to appreciate and

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Sand, Sun, And Sea In The Cayman Islands

One of the pleasures of open water swims in the Cayman Islands is to wake up, walk a few steps from the hotel across its sugary white sands, and swim in the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea. The colors of the sea are constantly changing. Whether the morning sun is rising or is shining in its full afternoon glory, or whether there are soft sheets

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