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Hank Wise, A Key Man In Long Beach

https://vimeo.com/295412762 Hank Wise, A Key Man In Long Beach Courtesy of Katie Rowe, Long Beach, California. At the next Long Beach City Council meeting on July 23rd, Hank Wise will be honored by 3rd District Council representative Suzie Price for his seven career Catalina Channel crossings.  The reigning King of the Catalina Channel will be given the

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Expect The Unexpected In The High Seas

Course data and image of the Out, Around, and Back Relay, courtesy of Evan Morrison. Sharks. Jellyfish. Hypothermia. Currents. Winds. Small craft advisories. Injuries. There are many, many reasons for a swim to result in an uncompleted mission - mostly to do with marine creatures or the marine environment. But in the world of open water swimming,

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Rocking And Rolling To Clear The Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. One of the most basic rules of swimming across the English Channel and Catalina Channel is to clear the water at the finish. Swim all the way across the channel, but the crossing is not official until the swimmer is officially judged to clear the water with every body part out of the water. According to

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