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Charlotte Brynn Anything But Aglifft

Charlotte Brynn Anything But Aglifft Courtesy of Grandiloquent Word of the Day. Aglifft is an English term meaning to be frightened or alarmed, or to be startled. Its usage can include a sentence like, "The swimmer became immediately aglifft during the shark encounter." But that was not the case with Charlotte Brynn who found herself swimming at night

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Charlotte’s Crossing Complete

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Aquatic adventurer Charlotte Brynn completed another border crossing swim: a 16.5-mile circumnavigation of Île Ronde in Québec, Canada. The out-and-back course on Lake Memphremagog that started and finished on the American side of the border in Newport, Vermont took her 7 hours 59 minutes. She swam north

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