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Leonie Beck, Chelsea Gubecka, and Katie Grimes Women’s 10km at World Aquatics Championships 2023, Qualify for Paris 2024

Leonie Beck of Germany claimed the gold medal in the women's 10km marathon swimming event at the World Aquatics Championships 2023 in Fukuoka, Japan on July 15, 2023. Beck finished with a time of 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 34.0 seconds. She made a comeback from 10th place in the final lap which allowed her to overtake Chelsea Gubecka from Australia, who

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Green With Envy In South Korea

Green With Envy In South Korea Courtesy of Australian Swimming, Yeosu EXPO Ocean Park, South Korea. If you are an aquatic athlete, Yeosu in South Korea is the place to be over the next two weeks. Hayden Cotter, Chelsea Gubecka, Mackenzie Brazier, Kareena Lee and Nick Sloman of Australian Swimming are among the podium and Olympic hopefuls who are in taper

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Jarrod Poort Wins 10K Swim The Swam

Jarrod Poort is gradually coming into his own among elite open water swimmers as he upset a world-class field at the 10 km Swim The Swan event at the BHP Aquatic Super Series in Perth's Swan River yesterday. The results are as follows: 1. Jarrod Poort 1:54:16.00 2. Simon Huitenga 1:54:19.59 3. Rhys Mainstone 1:54:23.79 4. Kane Radford 1:54:25.02 5.

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